venerdì 24 dicembre 2010

Happy Holiday with Billie Holiday

Have good holidays with the great Billie Holiday

"I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm," is not exactly a Christmas song, but is a winter song with a Ben Webster solo

domenica 19 dicembre 2010

Merry Christmas with Charlie Parker (1948)

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with this special version of White Christmas arranged and played at Royal Roost in New York december 25, 1948 by:
Charlie Parker Quintet
Kenny Dorham (tpt),
Al Haig (p),
Tommy Potter (b),
Max Roach (d)

N.B. Miles Davis had left the quintet only few days before.

venerdì 26 novembre 2010

Jazz Live in Europe: Jacky Terrasson at Jazz Baltica 2001 (guest Stefano Di Battista)

Jacky Terrasson is one of the most interesting jazz piano players of the forty years old generation.

Born in Berlin (Germany) in 1966 from French father and American mother, grown up as musician in Chicago and New York clubs, collaborated with many important artists as Carmen Mc Rae, Cassandra Wilson, Charles Aznavour, Michael Brecker and so on.
In 2001 he attended with his trio at Baltica Jazz Festival in Salzau (Germany).
Here you can enjoy the complete concert with guest, in the last track, the italian sax player Stefano Di Battista.

Jacky Terrasson trio
Jazz Baltica Salzau (Germany)
july 2001

Jacky Terrasson (p)
Sean Smith (bs)
Leon Parker (dr)
unknown vibraphone (on 7, 8)
Stefano Di Battista (as, ss) (on 8)

01. Les Chemins de l'Amour
02. Reach
03. I Wish You Love (Que Reste-t-il de Nos Amours)
04. Parisian Thoroughfare
05. The Dolphin
06. Happy Man
07. In Your Own Sweet Way
08. Caravan

Di Battista and Terrasson met themselves in different occasions. In 1999 Stefano was guest in a excellent album of Terrasson (A Paris... /Blue Note France).
The following year Jacky was member of the Di Battista quartet in the self-titled album (Stefano Di Battista/Blue Note France).
In the following video we can appreciate their feeling.

lunedì 22 novembre 2010

Rare Italian Jazz: Larry Nocella & Dannie Richmond: Everything Happens to Me (1980)

A young italian artist, Larry Nocella, died only 40 in 1989, here in a rare album, recorded just 30 years ago with a USA trio leaded by Dannie Richmond, the drummer well known for his collaboration with Charles Mingus.


Everything Happens To Me
Red Record VPA 167
Recorded november 1980
at "Music Center" Bologna

Larry Nocella: tenor sax
Dannie Richmond: drums
Cameron Brown: bass
Bob Neloms: piano

Side A
1. Rose (Neloms - Nocella) 7.57
2. Central Park West (J. Coltrane) 6.46
3. Along Come Betty (B. Golson) 5.41

Side B
1. Nakatini Serenade (C. Massey) 7.00
2. Everything Happens to Me (M. Dennis) 8.00
3. The Days of Wine and Roses (H. Mancini) 5.40

You can also listen to him in a previous post dedicated to the first album of the italian singer Tiziana Ghiglioni (here)

venerdì 19 novembre 2010

Jazz Live in Europe: Rita Marcotulli & Andy Sheppard at JazzFest in Bonn 2010

It's not the first time that the italian pianist Rita Marcotulli and the british saxophonist Andy Sheppard play together.

Rita Marcotulli & Andy Sheppard in Turin (Italy 2009)

Recently they had a very appreciated performance at the JAZZFEST in Bonn the last june 6.
You can enjoy it here in a private recording of good quality.

Rita Marcotulli & Andy Sheppard in Bonn 2010
(cover by jazzfan37)

Rita Marcotulli & Andy Sheppard
Kapelle des Collegium Leoninum, Jazzfest Bonn (Germany)
6th June 2010

Rita Marcotulli, p
Andy Sheppard, ss, ts

01 Lullaby For Igor 08:49
02 G Continue 09:46
03 Us & Them 18:38
04 Le Main d'Alice 08:59

martedì 16 novembre 2010

Jazz Live in Europe: Tommy Flanagan at Jazz Baltica 1999

Nine years ago, november 16, in New York died at 71 years the pianist Tommy Flanagan.

He wasn't a well known star, was only a second line man but was a brilliant, interesting musician with intense personality who has been involved in some of the most important recording sessions of the post-bop era, and is also best known as pianist and music director for Ella Fitzgerald.

In the following concert given during Jazz Baltica Festival in Salzau (Germany) in june 1999 we can appreciate all his qualities in solo, in trio and with two important guests: the tenorsaxophonist Johnny Griffin and the vibraphonist Bobby Hutchinson.


Jazz Baltica Festival 1999
june 12 and 13
Salzau, Germany

Tommy Flanagan Trio
Tommy Flanagan - Piano
Peter Washington - Bass
Lewis Nash - Drums

Bobby Hutcherson - Vibes (on 7,8)
Johnny Griffin - Tenor Sax (on 6,8)

01. Thad Rack
02. Beyond the Bluebird
03. Liza
04. Sunset and the Mockingbird
05. The balanced scales - The cup bearers
06. Solar
07. If I Should Lose You
08. Lets


mega TF1 TF2

rapid TF1 TF2

venerdì 12 novembre 2010

Jazz Live in Europe: Chet Baker at "Sesjun" Radio Show

From time to time new unissued recordings of the great Chet Baker suddenly appear.

The last ones are from same private tapes of the artist recorded, in diferent years, during his performances at one important Dutch live radio show the "Sesjun".

Chet Baker: The Sesjun Radio Shows

01. There will never be abother you (Harry Warren/ Mack Gordon)
02. I'm old fashioned (Jerome Kern/Johnny Mercer)
03. Ray's idea (W.G. Fuller/ Ray Brown)
04. Chet's theme (Chet Baker)

Chet Baker (tr),
Jacques Pelzer (flute),
Harold Danko (piano),
Cameron Brown (bass)

Broadcast Live on Feb 26, 1976 ; Laren, The Netherlands, 'De Boerenhofstede'

05. This is always (Harry Warren/ Mack Gordon)

Chet Baker (tr),
Phil Markowitz (piano),
Scott Lee (bass),
Jeff Brillinger (drums)

Broadcast Live on Nov 30, 1978 ; Laren, The Netherlands, 'De Boerenhofstede'

06. Just friends (John Klenner/Sam Lewis)
07. Lady bird (Tadd Dameron)
08. Blue 'n' boogie (Dizzy Gillespie/Frank Paparelli)

Cher Baker (tr),
Wolfgang Lackerschmid (vibraphone),
Frank Tusa (bass),
Alphonse Mouzon (drums)

Broadcast Live on Oct 30, 1980 ; Laren, The Netherlands, 'Nick Vollebregt's Jazzcafé'

01. My foolish heart (Ned Washington/Victor Young)
02. Margarine (Hal Galper)


Chet Baker (tr),
Michel Graillier (piano),
Jan Voogd (bass),
John Engels (drums)

Broadcast Live on July 19, 1984; Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Concertgebouw.

03. Strollin' (Horace Silver)
04. Love for sale (Cole Porter)
05. Leaving (Richie Beirach)
06. Lament (J. J. Johnson)
07. Shifting down (Kenny Dorham)

Chet Baker (tr),
Philip Catherine (guitar),
Jean Louis Rassinfosse (bass)

Broadcast Live on Feb 15, 1985 ; Laren, The Netherlands, 'Nick Vollebregt's Jazzcafé'

mercoledì 10 novembre 2010

Rare Jazz Live in Europe: Eric Dolphy Last Concerts 1964

Eric Dolphy died, only 36, for a diabetic coma, june 29, 1964 in Berlin, during his European tournée.

In the last days of his life he performed 2 different concerts: the first for the radio station V.A.R.A. in Holland with a local rhythm session including 2 young Dutch musicians that in the following years will become famous. The pianist Misha Mengelberg and the drummer Han Bennink. Here we have only two of the tracks played that evening.

The second one, featuring Donald Byard at trumpet and some other local instrumentalists, in a night club in Paris (France) Le Chat Qui Pêche.
This concert is complete
and we can listen to a last original of Dolphy "Springtime" never recorded prior to this session.


Eric Dolphy - Last Concerts in Europe

01. South Street Exit (E. Dolphy) 7'10
02. The Madrig Speaks, The Panther (E. Dolphy) 4'50

Eric Dolphy (as, fl. on 1)
Misha Mengelberg (pno)
Jacques Schols (bass)
Han Bennink (dr)

recorded live at Hilversum (Holland), june 2, 1964 (radio broadcast)

03. Springtime (E. Dolphy) 19'20
04. Naima (J. Coltrane) 15'12
05. Ode to Charlie Parker (Byard- Pickering) 5'28
06. G. W. (E. Dolphy) 5'58
07. Serene (E. Dolphy) 7'38
08. 245 (E. Dolphy) 10'05

Eric Dolphy (as, bcl on 3, 4, 7, fl on 5)
Donald Byrd (tr)
Nathan Davis (ts)
Jack Diéval (pno)
Jacques Hess (bass)
Franco Manzecchi (dr)
Jacky Bambou (congas).

recorded live at Le Chat Qui Pêche, Paris (France), june 11, 1964

All these tracks appeared before spread in different albums, I have put them here together.

part 1
part 2
part 3

giovedì 4 novembre 2010

Jazz beyond the Iron Curtain: Warsaw Jazz Jamboree 1980 with Don Cherry

About one year ago I opened this my blog with 2 posts dedicated to the historic Polish Festival Jazz Jamboree (here) and (here).
Today I present an album of the 1980 edition, just 30 years ago, in which we can listen to some interesting artist.

First of all the great Don Cherry with the quartet of the polish saxophonist Janusz Muniak

Another interesting performance is of the well known swedish group Saxes Galore leaded by the pianist Nils Lindberg

On the side B we can find a bulgarian Jazz Singer Camelia Todorova with the Sofia orchestra

At last the performance of the texan saxophonist Billy Harper with his sextet

Jazz Jamboree '80
Muza SX 1983

recorded live at the Congress Hall Warsaw
october 1980

Side A
1. Blues for Bill (N. Lindberg) 16'32
Saxes Galore

2. Race Face (D. Cherry) 7'35
Don Cherry - pocket trumpet, melodica, percussion, vocals
Janusz Muniak - soprano & tenor saxophones
Pierre Pausgen - piano, electric piano
Andrzej Cudzich - bass
Jerzy Bezucha - drums

Side B
1. God Bless the Child (Holiday, Herzog) 2'20
2. Teach me Tonight (De Paul Cahn) 3'05
3. My Man (Yvain, Pollack) 3'05
Camelia Todorova & Sofia orchestra

4. Inside, Inside (B. Harper) 13'45
The Billy Harper sextet

megaupload part 1 part 2

rapidshare part1 part 2

Here a video of the concert of Don Cherry in that occasion

mercoledì 27 ottobre 2010

Rare Jazz Live in Italy: Gato Barbieri 1970

The argentinian tenorsaxophonist Gato Barbieri always had a particular feeling with Italy, also because was here that in 1962 was recorded his first anonymous solo in a pop song which was and still is a great hit "Sapore di Sale" by Gino Paoli,

and he was here many and many times for tournées and for recording sessions of albums and movie sound tracks, as "Last Tango in Paris" of italian director Bernardo Bertolucci. In the '70s he was very popular in Italy and all his albums were acclaimed hits.

Recently I have found some rare tracks recorded during two different concerts performed in Torino in that years.

cover by Jazzfan37


G. Barbieri (ts, fl)
L. Liston Smith (pn)
J.F. Jenny-Clarke (bs)
M. Patillo (dr)
N. Vasconcelos (berimbau, conga, perc.)

Torino (Italy) Live at "Swing Club" feb. 19, 1970 (or 1972?)

01. Tupac Amaru (G. Barbieri)
02. My Buenos Aires Querido (G. Barbieri)
03. Brazil (A. Barroso)
04. El Arriero (trad. arr. G. Barbieri)

G. Barbieri (ts, voc)
F. D'Andrea (pn)
G. Tommaso (bs)
N. Vasconcelos (berimbau, conga, perc.)

Live Torino (Italy) july 1970 (1972?)

05. Carnavalito (trad.)
06. Tango (A. Piazzolla)
07. Lamentito (trad.)

FLAC (megaupload)

Gato Barbieri at Swing Club in Torino (1972)

I have some doubts on the dates found on the tracks, it's possible that the correct year is 1972, considering that different titles are from album Fenix recorded in 1971 and that Gato surely played at Swing Club in 1972.

mercoledì 13 ottobre 2010

Rare Jazz Live: Oscar Peterson in Italy 1966

In the exterminated discography of Oscar Peterson I have not found any recording made in Italy, also if he was here many times for concerts and festivals, and, thanks God, I've listen to him.
In these days I have found seven tracks recorded the march 26, 1966 during his exibition at the "Festival del Jazz di Sanremo".

photo of that evening by courtesy of Roberto Polillo

That Festival born in 1956 was for ten years the most important italian jazz festival.
These tracks are very rare and you can find them here. (new link)

photo courtesy of Roberto Polillo

Oscar Peterson Trio
Oscar Peterson (pn)
Sam Jones (bs)
Louis Hayes (dr)

1. Blue Etude (O. Peterson) 5'14"
2. You Look God to Me (Wells-Lefco) 6'01"
3. Satin Doll (Ellington) 6'30"
4. I Concentrate on You (Porter) 3'50"
5. Shelley's World (Cohen) 6'25"
6. Dahoud (C. Brown) 5'52"
7. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (Arlen-Koehler) 5'00"

Recorded in Sanremo (Italy) march 26, 1966

lunedì 4 ottobre 2010

Rarità discografiche: Charles Lloyd quartet with Keith Jarrett Live Europe 1967

The tenorsaxophonist Charles Lloyd (1938) had the peak of his popularity in the second half of the 60s with a quartet including some young musicians that will become all famous: the pianist Keith Jarrett (1945), the bassist Ron McClure (1941) and the drummer Jack De Johnette (1942). In 1967 the group was voted "Group of the Year" by Downbeat Magazine.
In spring of that year the quartet came in tournée in Europe. Only two concerts of that tour were recorded live, the first one at "Kalevi Sport Hall", Tailinn, Estonia, May 14, 1967 published as Charles Lloyd in Soviet Union (Atlantic SD 1571),

All compositions by Charles Lloyd except as indicated

Charles Lloyd (ts, fl)
Keith Jarrett (p)
Ron McClure (b)
Jack DeJohnette (d)
1. Days and Nights Waiting (Keith Jarrett) 7:06
2. Sweet Georgia Bright 17:54 3. Love Song to a Baby 12:32
4. Tribal Dance 10:22

the second one was performed in Paris (France) June 11, 1967 and was published only in Italy in a rare CD in 1994 and never reissued. The repertory is quite the same but I have found another track of that evening, not published on the CD, in which Keith Jarrett plays the soprano sax and his dialogue with Lloyd is very exiting.

All compositions by Charles Lloyd except as indicated

Charles Lloyd (ts, fl)
Keith Jarrett (p, ss in 4)
Ron McClure (b)
Jack DeJohnette (d)

recorded live in Paris, France, June 11, 1967
Editoriale Pantheon (It) JCD 03 1994

1. Days And Nights Of Waiting
(Keith Jarrett)
Lady Gabor (Szabo)
Sweet Georgia Bright
Twin Pearls (bonus track not included in the original CD)

mercoledì 8 settembre 2010

Rare Jazz Live: Joe Venuti in Italy 1971

Joe Venuti (1903 -1978) is considered the father of jazz violin, his music with the guitarist Eddie Lang later influenced Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli in France.

He never forgot his italian origins, (he liked to say that he was born aboard a ship when his parents emigrated from Italy, also if he was born in Philadelphia), and in last years of his life he played different times in Italy meeting some italian jazz players.
The following concert was performed in Turin at Teatro Erba, on March 26, 1971 by an italo-american quartet with the philadelphian jazz pianist Lou Stein (1922-2002) and the italians Marco Ratti (1932-2007): bass and Gil Cuppini (1924-1996): drums. The tapes of this concert were preserved by Venuti's family for years. Many years after they were issued in the 100 LP collection I Giganti del Jazz by italian publisher Curcio and till now never reissued.

(cover by Jazzfan37)


Joe Venuti: Live in Italy
I Giganti del Jazz Curcio n.23
from private tapes of Venuti's family

recorded at Teatro Erba Torino
March 26, 1971


Joe Venuti (vl)
Lou Stein (pn)
Marco Ratti (bs)
Gil Cuppini (drm)


1. Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie, Casey, Pinkard)
2. Body and Soul (Green)
3. I Want to Be Happy (Youmans)
4. Tea for Two (Youmans)
5. Humoresque (Dvorak, arr. Venuti)
6. Almost Like Being in Love (Loewe, Lerner)
7. Undecided (Shavers)
8. The Hot Canary (Nero, Gilbert)


part 1
part 2

venerdì 3 settembre 2010

Rare Jazz Live in Europe: Stan Getz in Paris 1971

Between 1969 and 1972, Stan Getz, for the second time, moved from States to Europe where lived with his family in Marbella (Spain) performing essentially in Europe with a quartet composed by three european musicians: Eddy Louiss, organ René Thomas, guitar and Bernard Lubat, drums.
During these period the quartet never entered in a recording studio and only two concerts where recorded.
The first one at
Ronnie Scott's Club in London (March 15, 16 and 17, 1971) issued as Dinasty in a double album Verve, and one in Paris March 28, 1971.
Here a rare issue of the second one pubblished in the '80 and never reissued.


part 1

part 2

martedì 17 agosto 2010

Rare Jazz Live in Europe: Modern Jazz Quartet Live in Paris (1956-59)

For the Fans of John Lewis & his Modern Jazz Quartet a rare LP with two different concerts in Paris (France).

(cover and correct liner notes by Jazzfan37)

Modern Jazz Quartet Live in Paris (Rapidshare)

1. Animal Dance (J. Lewis)
2. Django (J. Lewis)
3. Milano (J. Lewis)
4. Bluesology (M. Jackson)
5. Odds Against Tomorrow (J. Lewis)
6. Bags Goove (M. Jackson)

John Lewis (pn), Milt Jackson (vbf), Percy Heath (bs), Conny Kay (drm)
recorded december 10, 1959 in Paris at Theatre du Champs Elyséees

7. Sketch 3 (J. Lewis - A. Hodeir)
8. Ambiguité (J. Lewis - A. Hodeir)

John Lewis (pn), Milt Jackson (vbf), Percy Heath (bs), Conny Kay (drm)
with Jazz Groupe de Paris
directed by André Hodeir
Roger Guerin, Jean Liesse (tr)
Jean Aldegon (sax a)
Georges Grenu (sax t)
Armand Migiani (sax b)
recorded december 10, 1956 in Paris at Theatre de L'Ambassade des Etats-Unis

P.S. These tracks were also issued on CD "Longing For The Continent" with some wrong titles and without correct liner notes.

lunedì 16 agosto 2010

A rare Live album to remember Gianni Basso (1931-2009)

A very rare album to remember the italian tenor saxophonist Gianni Basso, who died 78, the 17th august 2009.

He was one of the fathers of italian modern jazz, with the trumpet player Oscar Valdambrini was the leader of the Basso-Valdambrini quintet.

the first italian group of modern jazz known and appreciated also out of Italy.

Forty years ago, june 9, 1970, with a quartet composed by some of the best italian jazz players, he had a concert in Milan at Centro Pirelli. The tapes of that performance were forgotten for years. In 1996 a limited edition (500 CD and 500 LP) were issued form the original tapes.

In 2009 a new limited edition was issued with the same numbers.

esclusivo per Pirelli
Catalog#: AP 1
Format: LP
Country: Italy
Released: 1970

Gianni Basso (tenor sax),
Renato Sellani (piano),
Giorgio Azzolini (bass),
Gilberto “GIL” Cuppini (drums)


A1) Reachin’ fourth (McCoy Tyner) – 9’40”
A2) Sweet Little Maia (Jimmy Garrison) - 7’10”
A3) Oleo (Sonny Rollins) - 7’35”

B1) Gingerbread Boy (Jimmy Heath) - 9’45”
B2) Naima (John Coltrane) - 3’45”
B3) So What (Miles Davis) - 11’43”


domenica 18 luglio 2010

Jazz in Europe: Chet Baker quint. in Paris & Stuttgart (1955)

In october 1955 Chet Baker came in Europe for the first time with his quartet including the pianist Richard (Dick) Twardzik (1931 - 1955), [in foto with the drummer Peter Littman of the quartet] who died from a heroin overdose in Paris on october 21, during the tournée.

The following album contains the two dates recorded in Paris on october 11 and 14 with the quartet, including also bassist Jimmy Bond and drummer Peter Littman; in addition to the nine original issue in LP this album includes four bonus tracks from a concert given in Stuttgart on october 15, with the same group plus local guest musicians: the baritone sax player Lars Gullin and the singer Caterina Valente, before issued in different albums.

Chet Baker (tp)
Richard Twardzik (p)
Jimmy Bond (bs)
Peter Littman (drm)
Lars Gullin (sax b) in 10-13
Caterina Valente (vcl) in 13


1. Rondette
2. Mid-Forte
3. Sad Walk
4. Re-Search
5. Just Duo
6. Piece Caprice
7. Pomp
8. The Girl from Greeland
9. Brash
10. Cool Blues
11. Brash
12. Lover Man
13. I’ll Remember April

the following links aren't created by this blog's author, who only indicates links present on the web

part 1

part 2

These tracks, according with Jack Chambers, author of a interesting biography "Bouncin' with Bartok: The Incomplete Works of
Dick Twardzik" (Berkeley Hills Books, Berkeley, CA, 2004): «may represent the apogee of Baker's talents as a pure musician».

giovedì 17 giugno 2010

The Modern Jazz Quartet - Fontessa (1956)

This was one of my first jazz album bought more than 50 years ago and that I wasted listening to for years.

It was considered a kind of "Manifesto" of the MJQ music.
Here you can find an excellent link to listen to it.

The Modern Jazz Quartet - Fontessa (1956)

mercoledì 16 giugno 2010

Rare Jazz Live in Europe: Sonny in Paris 1965

On 1965, november 4, during his european tour, Sonny Rollins played in Paris at Salle de la Mutualité during the Paris Jazz Festival, with the french bassist Gilbert Rovere, and Art Taylor, at that time living in Europe, at drums.

The reviews were enthusiastic, the french critic Daniel Berger wrote:
Sonny Rollins could play alone for hours without make loose interest. His sounding show is amazing and enjoys his listeners, crossing improvisations that reach end at remarkable speed and standards that breaks with incredible moments for rapidity and invention. His strength and his warmth are as he was playng for the last time.

That concert was unissued for about twenty years and the following album is very rare and never reissued.


part 1

part 2

The following video was taken in Copenhagen during the same european tour with different partners