mercoledì 27 ottobre 2010

Rare Jazz Live in Italy: Gato Barbieri 1970

The argentinian tenorsaxophonist Gato Barbieri always had a particular feeling with Italy, also because was here that in 1962 was recorded his first anonymous solo in a pop song which was and still is a great hit "Sapore di Sale" by Gino Paoli,

and he was here many and many times for tournées and for recording sessions of albums and movie sound tracks, as "Last Tango in Paris" of italian director Bernardo Bertolucci. In the '70s he was very popular in Italy and all his albums were acclaimed hits.

Recently I have found some rare tracks recorded during two different concerts performed in Torino in that years.

cover by Jazzfan37


G. Barbieri (ts, fl)
L. Liston Smith (pn)
J.F. Jenny-Clarke (bs)
M. Patillo (dr)
N. Vasconcelos (berimbau, conga, perc.)

Torino (Italy) Live at "Swing Club" feb. 19, 1970 (or 1972?)

01. Tupac Amaru (G. Barbieri)
02. My Buenos Aires Querido (G. Barbieri)
03. Brazil (A. Barroso)
04. El Arriero (trad. arr. G. Barbieri)

G. Barbieri (ts, voc)
F. D'Andrea (pn)
G. Tommaso (bs)
N. Vasconcelos (berimbau, conga, perc.)

Live Torino (Italy) july 1970 (1972?)

05. Carnavalito (trad.)
06. Tango (A. Piazzolla)
07. Lamentito (trad.)

FLAC (megaupload)

Gato Barbieri at Swing Club in Torino (1972)

I have some doubts on the dates found on the tracks, it's possible that the correct year is 1972, considering that different titles are from album Fenix recorded in 1971 and that Gato surely played at Swing Club in 1972.

mercoledì 13 ottobre 2010

Rare Jazz Live: Oscar Peterson in Italy 1966

In the exterminated discography of Oscar Peterson I have not found any recording made in Italy, also if he was here many times for concerts and festivals, and, thanks God, I've listen to him.
In these days I have found seven tracks recorded the march 26, 1966 during his exibition at the "Festival del Jazz di Sanremo".

photo of that evening by courtesy of Roberto Polillo

That Festival born in 1956 was for ten years the most important italian jazz festival.
These tracks are very rare and you can find them here. (new link)

photo courtesy of Roberto Polillo

Oscar Peterson Trio
Oscar Peterson (pn)
Sam Jones (bs)
Louis Hayes (dr)

1. Blue Etude (O. Peterson) 5'14"
2. You Look God to Me (Wells-Lefco) 6'01"
3. Satin Doll (Ellington) 6'30"
4. I Concentrate on You (Porter) 3'50"
5. Shelley's World (Cohen) 6'25"
6. Dahoud (C. Brown) 5'52"
7. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (Arlen-Koehler) 5'00"

Recorded in Sanremo (Italy) march 26, 1966

lunedì 4 ottobre 2010

Rarità discografiche: Charles Lloyd quartet with Keith Jarrett Live Europe 1967

The tenorsaxophonist Charles Lloyd (1938) had the peak of his popularity in the second half of the 60s with a quartet including some young musicians that will become all famous: the pianist Keith Jarrett (1945), the bassist Ron McClure (1941) and the drummer Jack De Johnette (1942). In 1967 the group was voted "Group of the Year" by Downbeat Magazine.
In spring of that year the quartet came in tournée in Europe. Only two concerts of that tour were recorded live, the first one at "Kalevi Sport Hall", Tailinn, Estonia, May 14, 1967 published as Charles Lloyd in Soviet Union (Atlantic SD 1571),

All compositions by Charles Lloyd except as indicated

Charles Lloyd (ts, fl)
Keith Jarrett (p)
Ron McClure (b)
Jack DeJohnette (d)
1. Days and Nights Waiting (Keith Jarrett) 7:06
2. Sweet Georgia Bright 17:54 3. Love Song to a Baby 12:32
4. Tribal Dance 10:22

the second one was performed in Paris (France) June 11, 1967 and was published only in Italy in a rare CD in 1994 and never reissued. The repertory is quite the same but I have found another track of that evening, not published on the CD, in which Keith Jarrett plays the soprano sax and his dialogue with Lloyd is very exiting.

All compositions by Charles Lloyd except as indicated

Charles Lloyd (ts, fl)
Keith Jarrett (p, ss in 4)
Ron McClure (b)
Jack DeJohnette (d)

recorded live in Paris, France, June 11, 1967
Editoriale Pantheon (It) JCD 03 1994

1. Days And Nights Of Waiting
(Keith Jarrett)
Lady Gabor (Szabo)
Sweet Georgia Bright
Twin Pearls (bonus track not included in the original CD)