giovedì 25 febbraio 2010

Jazz in Europe: Gil Evans & Steve Lacy in Paris (France) 1987

One of my most beloved CD: Gil Evans & Steve Lacy - Paris Blues (1987), in which the art of duo reaches one of her highest levels for the particular personality of these two musicians and for their melodic and lyrical style of improvisation.

The location: Paris, where I lived for some periods and that I love, gives more glamour to this excellent work of two old cats.

Last but not least the high quality of the compositions: 3 of Mingus, 1 of Ellington and 3 originals of the musicians.

Paris Blues

Gil Evans (piano, electric piano);
Steve Lacy (soprano saxophone).
Recorded at Family Sound Studio, Paris, France
on November 30 & December 1, 1987.

1. Reincarnation of a Lovebird (C. Mingus) 7'05"
2. Paris Blues (D. Ellington) 5'17"
3. Esteem (S. Lacy) 9'07"
4. Orange Was a Color of Her Dress Then Blue Silk (C. Mingus) 14'42"
5. Goodbye Pork-Pie Hat (C. Mingus) 8'42"
6. Jelly Roll (G. Evans) 5'43"
7. Esteem (S. Lacy) 8'54"

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