giovedì 17 maggio 2012

Jazz Live in Italy: Remembering Jackie McLean on his birthday.

The alto saxophonist Jackie McLean was born in New York May 17, 1931 and died March 31, 2006. We want to remember him here in his last exibition in Italy at Umbria Jazz 2004, with a quintet including his son René, a good hard bop tenor saxophonist, Alan Palmer: piano, Nat Reeves: bass, Eric McPherson: drums. 
In the first two videos they play the classic standard of Thelonious Monk 'Round Midnight.

In the following two we can listen to a composition of Jackie McLean The Rhythm of the Earth

martedì 8 maggio 2012

Jazz Live in Italy: Jimmy Giuffre Trio in Rome (1959)

During his european tour, organized in 1959 by Norman Granz, Jimmy Giuffre (1921-2008) had with his unusual trio a concert in Rome, june 19, at Teatro Adriano.

We can show here the most part of that exibition with a young Jim Hall, guitar and Buddy Clark, bass.
The first "tema" was a composition of John Lewis taken by the repertory of the Modern Jazz Quartet. Before an introduction of the concert, in a good italian, by Norman Granz.

The second tune is the well known composition of Giuffre: Four Brothers, famous for the four saxes arrangement, that he made for the Woody Herman orchestra.

The following tune is a composition of Jim Hall: Careful

The new tune is another original composition by Giuffre: Princess

A new one original composition by Giuffre: The Little Melody

The exibition was concluded with Time Machine by Giuffre

For that I know the Trio with Buddy Clark never was recorded in studio, so those videos are the only existing attestation.