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Rare Jazz Live in Europe: Chet Baker in Paris 1955-56

Following with some rare albums of Chet Baker's first tournée in Europe, here another album with all tracks recorded in Paris, published in the 60's in England and never reissued in the same form.

In same tracks is possible to listen to Bobby Jaspar (1926-1963) a famous belgian saxophonist, flautist and composer known also as husband of Blossom Dearie (1924-2009) the excellent american pianist and vocalist.

Chet Baker with Bobby Jaspar: I Get Chet
(Felsted records PDL 85036)

Side A
1.How About You? (*)
2.Once in a While (**)
3.Chekeetah (*)
4.Alone Together (**)
5.Chet (#)

Side B
1.Dinah (#)
2.Tasty Pudding (##)
3.Anticipated Blues (##)
4.V-Line (+)
5.Exitus (*)

(#) Chet Baker Octet
Chet Baker (tp) Benny Vasseur (tb) Jean Aldegon (as) Armand Migiani (ts) William Boucaya (bars) Rene Urtreger (p) Jimmy Bond (b) Nils-Bertil Dahlander (d)
Paris, 25th October, 1955

(**) Chet Baker Quartet
Chet Baker (tp) Raymond Fol (p) Benoit Quersin (b) Jean-Louis Viale (d)
Paris, 28th November, 1955

(*) Chet Baker Quintet
Chet Baker (tp) Bobby Jaspar (ts) Rene Urtreger (p) Benoit Quersin (b) Jean-Louis Viale (d)
Paris, 26th December, 1955

(##) Chet Baker Quintet
Chet Baker (tp) Jean-Louis Chautemps (ts) Francy Boland (p) Eddie De Haas (b)
Charles Saudrais (d)
Paris, 10th February, 1956

(+) Chet Baker Octet
(same as 25th October 1955)
Paris, 15 march, 1956

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Bobby Jaspar discography

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