sabato 2 gennaio 2010

Jazz Live in Europe: Cassandra Wilson

Two interesting videos from different tours in Europe by Cassandra Wilson

one of the most impressive voices of jazz scene, coming from deep south of United States: Jackson, Mississippi.

The first one is Harvest Moon performed in Stuttgart (Germany) July 1996, during the promotional tour for her album New Moon Daughter with:

- Marvin Servel (gt)
- Antony Peterson (gt)
- Lonne Plaxico (bs)
- Fred Alias (dr)
- Jeff Hynes (perc)

The second one Children on the Night comes from Jazz in Marciac (France) July 2003. The musicians are:

-Steve Coleman (a sax)
- Brandon Ross (gt)
- Grégore Moret (harm)
- Lonnie Paxico (bs)
-Jeff Hynes (perc)

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  1. Cassandra is an amazing artist! Her voice is truly a separate instrument all together! Harvest Moon is brilliant!

    Keith Fiala