domenica 27 dicembre 2009

Miles Davis at Warsaw Jazz Jamboree 1983

Following with the Warsaw Jamboree Jazz Festival

during the Cold War, the most important event in those years for polish jazz lovers was the exhibition of Miles Davis Group, at Sala Kongresowa the 15th of April 1983 with:

John Scofield: guitar
Bill Evans: sax
Darryl Jones: bass
Al Foster: drums
Mino Cinelu: percussion
Robert Irving III: synthesizer

Here you can see the beginning of the concert.

This exhibition was also a very exciting experience for Miles who spoke of it in his Autobiography:

«I remember one date in particular in Warsaw, Poland. We didn't even have to go through customs; they just waved us on through. Everybody was wearing "We Want Miles" buttons. The leader of the Soviet Union, Yuri Andropov, sent his personal limousine (or one just like it) to take me everywhere I wanted to go while I was in Warsaw. They told me that he loved my music and thought that I was one of the greatest musi­cians of all time. They also told me that he had wanted to come to my concert, but that he was too sick. He sent his personal regards, wishing that I have a great concert and saying that he was sorry that he couldn't be there. They put me up at the very best hotel in War­saw and treated me like a king.
When I got through playing my concert, people stood and c
heered, and chanted that they hoped that I live a hundred years. Man, that was something! » (Miles Davis with Quincy Troupe, The Autobiography, Simon & Schuster, 1990, p. 357)

If you want to see the whole concert you can download free the DVD at this link

martedì 15 dicembre 2009

WARSAW JAZZ JAMBOREE First breach in Iron Curtain

In Eastern Bloc countries, during the Cold War, Jazz represented a form of harmless “dissent” standed by regime and had a particular diffusion in Poland, also for the less oppression due to the arrival to the power of Edward Gierek in 1970.

Polish Jazz community was very alive. In 1966 began her publications magazine Jazz Forum (also in English and German) very appreciated and widspread abroad, and still today active.

In those years rised also Jamboree International Jazz Festival, which opened the doors to many important western musicians and fans coming from other Eastern countries and also from near Scandinavia.

Every Year Warsaw turned into a perky international community of young people, a real music melting pot.

Many concerts were published on LP by MUZA Polish editions.

In 1977 italian pianist Guido Manusardi with his quartet was there and his performance was published in one LP

with those of two other pianists: the hungarian Gusztav Csik and the japanese Yosuke Yamashita.



Guido Manusardi quartet

Pier Francesco Guidi - ts, ss

Guido Manusardi - p

Lorenzo Terzano - b

Gianni Cazzola - dr


1. Sweet Georgia Brown

Fogarasi -Csik trio

Gusztav Csik - p

Janos Fogarasi - org

Imre Koeszegi - dr

2. Umbrella - Dance

Yosuke Yamashita trio

Akira Sakata - as

Yosuke Yamashita - p

Shota Koyama - dr

In next posts I'll put new albums of other editions