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Rare Italian Jazz: Nexus "Open Mouth Blues" 1983

About 25 years ago a group of young emerging italian jazz players, today all well known, formed an ensemble named NEXUS with the intent of creating a new form of creative music beyond the free.
This his their first album, that was one of the more interesting of these years and had a very good welcome not only in Italy.
Today this album is quite forgotten and deserves to be remembered.

Open Mouth Blues
Red Record VPA 169
Recorded in Milan, 1983 June 24th and 25th

Daniele Cavallanti tenor & baritone saxes
Pino Minafra trumpet, flueghelhorn, pocket trumpet
Luca Bonvini trombone, sackbut
Paolino Dalla Porta bass, tambourine, kalimba
Tiziano Tononi drums, percussion, gongs

track list

A1) Amanita Muscaria (P.DallaPorta) 16.20

A2) Open Mouth Blues (T.Tononi) 6.46

B1) Night Raga Falls (D.Cavallanti) 8.22

B2) Song for the Seals (T.Tononi) 11.22

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