mercoledì 16 giugno 2010

Rare Jazz Live in Europe: Sonny in Paris 1965

On 1965, november 4, during his european tour, Sonny Rollins played in Paris at Salle de la Mutualité during the Paris Jazz Festival, with the french bassist Gilbert Rovere, and Art Taylor, at that time living in Europe, at drums.

The reviews were enthusiastic, the french critic Daniel Berger wrote:
Sonny Rollins could play alone for hours without make loose interest. His sounding show is amazing and enjoys his listeners, crossing improvisations that reach end at remarkable speed and standards that breaks with incredible moments for rapidity and invention. His strength and his warmth are as he was playng for the last time.

That concert was unissued for about twenty years and the following album is very rare and never reissued.


part 1

part 2

The following video was taken in Copenhagen during the same european tour with different partners

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