martedì 17 agosto 2010

Rare Jazz Live in Europe: Modern Jazz Quartet Live in Paris (1956-59)

For the Fans of John Lewis & his Modern Jazz Quartet a rare LP with two different concerts in Paris (France).

(cover and correct liner notes by Jazzfan37)

Modern Jazz Quartet Live in Paris (Rapidshare)

1. Animal Dance (J. Lewis)
2. Django (J. Lewis)
3. Milano (J. Lewis)
4. Bluesology (M. Jackson)
5. Odds Against Tomorrow (J. Lewis)
6. Bags Goove (M. Jackson)

John Lewis (pn), Milt Jackson (vbf), Percy Heath (bs), Conny Kay (drm)
recorded december 10, 1959 in Paris at Theatre du Champs Elyséees

7. Sketch 3 (J. Lewis - A. Hodeir)
8. Ambiguité (J. Lewis - A. Hodeir)

John Lewis (pn), Milt Jackson (vbf), Percy Heath (bs), Conny Kay (drm)
with Jazz Groupe de Paris
directed by André Hodeir
Roger Guerin, Jean Liesse (tr)
Jean Aldegon (sax a)
Georges Grenu (sax t)
Armand Migiani (sax b)
recorded december 10, 1956 in Paris at Theatre de L'Ambassade des Etats-Unis

P.S. These tracks were also issued on CD "Longing For The Continent" with some wrong titles and without correct liner notes.

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  1. altro gioiello della memoria!
    paolo ferrario

  2. Caro Paolo,
    l'accenno ai fans di John Lewis non era casuale.
    Buone cose


  3. First class music! Thanks for sharing.