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A rare Live album to remember Gianni Basso (1931-2009)

A very rare album to remember the italian tenor saxophonist Gianni Basso, who died 78, the 17th august 2009.

He was one of the fathers of italian modern jazz, with the trumpet player Oscar Valdambrini was the leader of the Basso-Valdambrini quintet.

the first italian group of modern jazz known and appreciated also out of Italy.

Forty years ago, june 9, 1970, with a quartet composed by some of the best italian jazz players, he had a concert in Milan at Centro Pirelli. The tapes of that performance were forgotten for years. In 1996 a limited edition (500 CD and 500 LP) were issued form the original tapes.

In 2009 a new limited edition was issued with the same numbers.

esclusivo per Pirelli
Catalog#: AP 1
Format: LP
Country: Italy
Released: 1970

Gianni Basso (tenor sax),
Renato Sellani (piano),
Giorgio Azzolini (bass),
Gilberto “GIL” Cuppini (drums)


A1) Reachin’ fourth (McCoy Tyner) – 9’40”
A2) Sweet Little Maia (Jimmy Garrison) - 7’10”
A3) Oleo (Sonny Rollins) - 7’35”

B1) Gingerbread Boy (Jimmy Heath) - 9’45”
B2) Naima (John Coltrane) - 3’45”
B3) So What (Miles Davis) - 11’43”


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  1. grazie
    grazie tantissime, grey
    paolo ferrario

  2. Grazie a te caro Paolo della visita, è sempre un piacere condividere musica interessante con gli amici. Buon proseguimento di vacanze sul tuo lago.

  3. Many thanks for Gianni Basso. A great jazz man.