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Jazz in Europe: Chet Baker quint. in Paris & Stuttgart (1955)

In october 1955 Chet Baker came in Europe for the first time with his quartet including the pianist Richard (Dick) Twardzik (1931 - 1955), [in foto with the drummer Peter Littman of the quartet] who died from a heroin overdose in Paris on october 21, during the tournée.

The following album contains the two dates recorded in Paris on october 11 and 14 with the quartet, including also bassist Jimmy Bond and drummer Peter Littman; in addition to the nine original issue in LP this album includes four bonus tracks from a concert given in Stuttgart on october 15, with the same group plus local guest musicians: the baritone sax player Lars Gullin and the singer Caterina Valente, before issued in different albums.

Chet Baker (tp)
Richard Twardzik (p)
Jimmy Bond (bs)
Peter Littman (drm)
Lars Gullin (sax b) in 10-13
Caterina Valente (vcl) in 13


1. Rondette
2. Mid-Forte
3. Sad Walk
4. Re-Search
5. Just Duo
6. Piece Caprice
7. Pomp
8. The Girl from Greeland
9. Brash
10. Cool Blues
11. Brash
12. Lover Man
13. I’ll Remember April

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part 1

part 2

These tracks, according with Jack Chambers, author of a interesting biography "Bouncin' with Bartok: The Incomplete Works of
Dick Twardzik" (Berkeley Hills Books, Berkeley, CA, 2004): «may represent the apogee of Baker's talents as a pure musician».

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