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Rare Jazz Live: Joe Venuti in Italy 1971

Joe Venuti (1903 -1978) is considered the father of jazz violin, his music with the guitarist Eddie Lang later influenced Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli in France.

He never forgot his italian origins, (he liked to say that he was born aboard a ship when his parents emigrated from Italy, also if he was born in Philadelphia), and in last years of his life he played different times in Italy meeting some italian jazz players.
The following concert was performed in Turin at Teatro Erba, on March 26, 1971 by an italo-american quartet with the philadelphian jazz pianist Lou Stein (1922-2002) and the italians Marco Ratti (1932-2007): bass and Gil Cuppini (1924-1996): drums. The tapes of this concert were preserved by Venuti's family for years. Many years after they were issued in the 100 LP collection I Giganti del Jazz by italian publisher Curcio and till now never reissued.

(cover by Jazzfan37)


Joe Venuti: Live in Italy
I Giganti del Jazz Curcio n.23
from private tapes of Venuti's family

recorded at Teatro Erba Torino
March 26, 1971


Joe Venuti (vl)
Lou Stein (pn)
Marco Ratti (bs)
Gil Cuppini (drm)


1. Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie, Casey, Pinkard)
2. Body and Soul (Green)
3. I Want to Be Happy (Youmans)
4. Tea for Two (Youmans)
5. Humoresque (Dvorak, arr. Venuti)
6. Almost Like Being in Love (Loewe, Lerner)
7. Undecided (Shavers)
8. The Hot Canary (Nero, Gilbert)


part 1
part 2

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