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Jazz Live in Europe: Tommy Flanagan at Jazz Baltica 1999

Nine years ago, november 16, in New York died at 71 years the pianist Tommy Flanagan.

He wasn't a well known star, was only a second line man but was a brilliant, interesting musician with intense personality who has been involved in some of the most important recording sessions of the post-bop era, and is also best known as pianist and music director for Ella Fitzgerald.

In the following concert given during Jazz Baltica Festival in Salzau (Germany) in june 1999 we can appreciate all his qualities in solo, in trio and with two important guests: the tenorsaxophonist Johnny Griffin and the vibraphonist Bobby Hutchinson.


Jazz Baltica Festival 1999
june 12 and 13
Salzau, Germany

Tommy Flanagan Trio
Tommy Flanagan - Piano
Peter Washington - Bass
Lewis Nash - Drums

Bobby Hutcherson - Vibes (on 7,8)
Johnny Griffin - Tenor Sax (on 6,8)

01. Thad Rack
02. Beyond the Bluebird
03. Liza
04. Sunset and the Mockingbird
05. The balanced scales - The cup bearers
06. Solar
07. If I Should Lose You
08. Lets


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