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Jazz beyond the Iron Curtain: Warsaw Jazz Jamboree 1980 with Don Cherry

About one year ago I opened this my blog with 2 posts dedicated to the historic Polish Festival Jazz Jamboree (here) and (here).
Today I present an album of the 1980 edition, just 30 years ago, in which we can listen to some interesting artist.

First of all the great Don Cherry with the quartet of the polish saxophonist Janusz Muniak

Another interesting performance is of the well known swedish group Saxes Galore leaded by the pianist Nils Lindberg

On the side B we can find a bulgarian Jazz Singer Camelia Todorova with the Sofia orchestra

At last the performance of the texan saxophonist Billy Harper with his sextet

Jazz Jamboree '80
Muza SX 1983

recorded live at the Congress Hall Warsaw
october 1980

Side A
1. Blues for Bill (N. Lindberg) 16'32
Saxes Galore

2. Race Face (D. Cherry) 7'35
Don Cherry - pocket trumpet, melodica, percussion, vocals
Janusz Muniak - soprano & tenor saxophones
Pierre Pausgen - piano, electric piano
Andrzej Cudzich - bass
Jerzy Bezucha - drums

Side B
1. God Bless the Child (Holiday, Herzog) 2'20
2. Teach me Tonight (De Paul Cahn) 3'05
3. My Man (Yvain, Pollack) 3'05
Camelia Todorova & Sofia orchestra

4. Inside, Inside (B. Harper) 13'45
The Billy Harper sextet

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rapidshare part1 part 2

Here a video of the concert of Don Cherry in that occasion

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