domenica 15 aprile 2012

Jazz Live in Europe: The Jazztet at Jazz Baltica 1997: an Historical Revival.

In Salzau (Germany) during the Jazz Baltica Festival, 1997 June 14th, the program put together again, about 35 years after, Art Farmer (1928 - 1999) and Benny Golson (1929) leaders of an historical group “The Jazztet” that, during his three years of existence (1959-62), was, along with The Jazz Messengers of Art Blakey and the Horace Silver qintet, the definitive hard bop combo.

In that occasion some other famous musicians play along with them as Milt Jackson (1923-1999), N-H. Ø. Pedersen (1946-2005), Kenny Kirkland (1955-1998), Toots Thielemans (1922), ecc..
In the following video we can appreciate the best known I Remember Clifford, inevitable performance in a concert with his author Benny Golson.

Also the following video is a famous tune composed by Golson Whisper Not 

In the next video we can listen to the classic tune of Milt Jackson Bags Groove in a special performance with Toots Thielemans as guest

The following tune, also composed by Milt Jackson, S.K.J. is performed by the pianist Kenny Kirkland who in that evening took the place that in the original combo was of McCoy Tyner

This last video presents a classic tune Afternoon in Paris composed by John Lewis for the Modern Jazz Quartet,  here rappresented by Milt Jackson

A very interesting evening in which we can see a page of history of jazz.

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