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Jazz Live in Europe: Max Roach quintet feat. Abbey Lincoln in Paris 1964

A rare concert of the Max Roach quintet with the voice of Abbey Lincoln, at that time wife of Roach, performed in Paris on January 18, during the European tournée of 1964.
This exibition in front of an enthusiastic pubblic make, at that time, a great stir. Here we have only the fist part of that evening. In the second part was presented a new version of the Freedom Now Suite.  


Clifford Jordan (sax t)
Coleridge T. Perkins (piano)
Eddie Kahn (bs)
Max Roach (drm)
Abbey Lincoln (voc. in *)

1. This Night Mountain (Max Roach) 13'15
2. Ceciliana (Max Roach) 6'10
3. Mop Mop (Dalmerious-Williams) 5'45
4. Jordu (Duke Jordan) 6'25
5. Sophisticated Lady (Ellington-Mills) 6'15
6. Who Will You Buy? (Lionel Bart) 2'25 *
7. Love for Sale (Cole Porter) 4'10 *
8. Long as You are Living (Brown- Priester- Turrentine) 5'45 *

In the following video, taken in Belgium, during the same tournée, the group plays Driva Man from the Freedom Now Suite.

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