venerdì 9 aprile 2010

Jazz Live in Europe: Miles Davis "Lost quintet" (1969)

The performances of Miles Davis with the so called Lost quintet [M. D. (tr), Wayne Shorter (ss, ts) Chick Corea (el-p), Dave Holland (bs, el-bs) Jack DeJohnette (drm)] are some of the most interesting of his career. The quintet was so named because they never recorded as five-men lineup in the studio, and only on 2001 with It's About That Time [Live at the Fillmore East mar. 7, 1970]

it was possible to listen to them on an official release.
The blogger Heat Warps posted 3 album botlegs with some performances of the quintet in France (Juan-les-Pins july 1969, Paris Salle Pleyel, nov. 1969 2 sets) that is possible to download here.
In the following videos we can see the quintet in Rome (Italy) at Teatro Sistina oct. 27, 1969

and in Copenhagen (Denmark) at Tivoli Konsertsal nov. 4, 1969.

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