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Jazz Live in Europe: Louis Armstrong in Florence (Italy) 1952

On 1952 october Louis Armstrong was in Italy for his third tournée (previous were in 1935 and 1949) with his All Stars and during the tour saturday 25 was in my town, Florence, for an evening radio broadcast "Varietà Internazionale" dedicated to him.

Only after fifty years those rare recordings (10 tracks) were issued in CD, enriched with 2 different radio interviews of 1956 and 1976 and some other old inissued tracks coming from the catalog of Voice of America.


Louis Armstrong (tp),
Trummy Young (tbn),
Bob McCracken (cl),
Marty Napoleon (p),
Arvell Shaw (bs),
Cozy Cole (drm),
Velma Middleton (vc)

1. On The Sunny Side Of The Street (d. Fields, J. Mchugh) 3’35”
2. Little Coquette (g. Kahn, C. Lombardo, J. W. Green) 2’41”
3. That's My Desire (c. Loveday, H. Kresa) 3’49”
4. St. Louis Blues (w.c. Handy) 3’03”
5. On The Alamo (g. Keyes, J. Lyons, I. Jones) 2’31”
6. How High The Moon (n. Hamilton, M. Lewis) 4’04”
7. Bugle Call Rag (also Known As Bugle Blues) (traditional) 3’11”
8. When It's Sleepy Time Down South (l. Rene, O. Rene, C. Muse) 2’16”
9. Basin Street Blues (s. Williams) 3’53”
10. Velma's Blues (also Known As Big Mama's Back In Town) (v. Middleton, L. Armstrong) 2’33”
11. Interview With Louis Armstrong (radio Rai News, 6th Jan.1956) 2’20”
12. Save It Pretty Mama (d. Redman, P. Denniker, J. Davis) 3’19”
13. 2.19 Blues (also Known As Mamie's Blues Or Mamie Desdume's Blues) (m. Desdume) 2’49”
14. Among My Souvenirs (h. Nicholls, E. Leslie) 1’51”
15. Mahogany Hall Stomp (s. Williams, P. Alan) 3’25”
16. Love Me Or Leave Me (g. Kahn, W. Donaldson) 2’39”
17. Medley: Shadrack (r. Mc Gimsey)/When The Saints Go Marching In (traditional) 4'24"
18. Way Down Yonder In New Orleans (h. Creamer, J. Turner Layton) 5’25”
19. Louis Armstrong: Memoirs From The Radio Tre Programme "my Only Sin Is My Skin" (21st March 1976) 1’23”

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