venerdì 12 marzo 2010

Jazz in Europe: Joshua Redman at Marciac Jazz Festival 2009

Few months ago, the last 10 of august, the jazz saxophonist Joshua Redman had an exciting performance at Marciac Jazz Festival (France) with his trio pianoless, that received an enthusiastic consent, as is possible to perceive in this video fragment of the final set Hide & Seek, in which the artist shows his ability on the instrument.

The personnel was:
Joshua Redman (saxes)
Matt Penman (bs)
Greg Hutchinson (drm)

The program of the concert was:
1. Soul Dance 6'01"
2. Zara Fa 13'26"
3. Blackwell Message 4'24"
4. Trinkle Tinkle 7'47"
5. Autumn in New York 4'28"
6. Hide & Seek 12'39"

Here is possible to listen to the whole concert

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